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By submitting data to Happywhale, you agree to our Terms of Use in support of our goal of creating a better understanding of marine mammals. We seek to make the data in Happywhale as open as possible, while respecting the intellectual property of all contributors. All data in Happywhale exists under specified levels of Creative Commons licensing. If you are a data contributor, you may choose the license under which your data exists; by default unless otherwise specified, a Creative Commons Public Domain license is applied to submitted data. You may request that images and encounter data be kept in Happywhale under more restrictive Creative Commons licensing, including the requirement of Attribution, Share Alike, Noncommercial, and No Derivatives.  If you, as a user, request a more restrictive license applied to your data in Happywhale, we will do so from the date of your request forward. We will respect this licensing with any allowed distribution of your data, and require that data recipients commit to respecting your chosen licensing as well.

Be WhaleSAFE - See a whale - Admire at a safe distance - Follow without disturbance - Enjoy!

Always follow good whale watch protocol and do not disturb marine mammals to for photographs. Follow all marine mammal protection laws and guidelines. If your images have been obtained under scientific or operational permit, please state this in your submission.

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