Before Beverly Hills and Malibu, Newport Beach was home to the stars. Nestled between Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach is home to little balboa. This long time vacation spot is home to many prolific actors and actoresses, musicians and sports players.

The famed star Marion Morrison, better known as John Wayne called Balboa Home. That’s right, Balboa was home to the Duke and many of his friends.

Before the 1920’s, Newport Beach was not much more than a mudflat surrounded by a marshland. In fact, It wasn’t until 1860’s that James McFadden and his brother Robert bought and sold off most of Newport and it’s penninsula. Originally a small fishing warf, it wasn’t until a decade later that Captain Samuel S. Dunnells would establish Newport Landing.

James McFadden and his brother would end up aquiring the land only 5 years later only to sell it all off in 1902 including the penninsula and the swampland which would later become Lido Island, the harbor and the islands which make up Balboa to William S. Collins and C.A. Hanson for an unknown amount.

Collins and Hanson decided to take what potential they now owned and expand their property by laying the foundation for resorts. This of course was the all thanks to their new partner Henry E. Huntington who aquired the Pacific Railway System, which gave rise to “Red Cars,” a key factor in the golden age of Balboa.

That’s right folks, Balboa became a hot spot for such actors as Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall; Dean Martin, Bob hope and of course Richard Nixon. Today, we see the history of the golden age of Balboa. Many of the homes still stand. The boats and the rock formation. We’re truly lucky.